Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Extra Large Keyboard Bulletin Board

I found this idea online but put my personal twist on it.

The letters are made with take out boxes.  I bought a sleeve of 100 on Amazon and cut them.  To make the keys longer, I cut the edges off the boxes and used electrical tape to tape them together.  The colors are just colored cardstock.  I bought a pack of paper at Michaels for $3.33 and sent the cardstock through the printer with a font that I liked (Segoe).  I cut to fit and glued to the top of the boxes.

I glued the keys to a large piece of black paper with hot glue.  I then used push pins between the keys to hold the paper to the wall.

I have received so many compliments on this!  There are a few things I would change. . . first, I would NOT use hot glue to glue the paper to the top of the keys.  It is bumpy and you can tell that I had to layer the paper to get it to cover the larger keys.  Second, I would be a bit more careful gluing the keys to the paper.  The keyboard is a bit wavy and it bothers me.

It has been very helpful.  I'm currently teaching second graders how to type and I'm working on finding letters on the keyboard with first and kindergarteners.

I'd love to see yours when it's done!